Your money is getting mouldy in traditional cash!

Your money is getting mouldy in traditional cash!

Federal Reserve Banks and European Central Bank have created the biggest bubble in world economics. Printing more cash is the only opportunity for them, to keep their centralized network running.

Additional they are responsible for higher edges between poor and rich, through 0 interest politics for the average people.

Rich shareholders are taking the credits for 0 interest and get exponential more rich. Through this dilemma, the worth of your money inflates and will be worthless sometimes. Corona has increased this development and could be the pin to destroy this bubble.

But the money is not for the banks and investors, it is for the people, for their daily use! To pay their rents and electricity bills!

The evolution of money shows, that money always evolved to better forms in history. Logical next evolutionary step are digital assets which are managed by decentralized networks. These networks have no primary authority and once running, not influenceable by any governance, core developer or neither by participating peers (shareholders). Through the value that comes in those networks from the Users, they create an unstoppable, high secured, inner closed, financial ecosystem.

Do not wait for someone telling you about those things official, you have to do your own research!

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